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Bad credit shouldn’t have to slow you down and keep you off the road forever. Let’s face it, you need a vehicle to get around, and we get that.

At 299cars, we’re a family run vehicle dealership that’s here to help you get into a vehicle even though your credit might be a bit (or a lot) less than perfect. We can make sure you’re approved and back on the road in no time, with only $299 down. Seriously, only $299.

The best part about us is that we actually have competitive prices on our vehicles. We’re not like the other guys who just want to take advantage of your situation and gouge you even deeper. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Like we said, we get it.

We’ll approve just about anyone. Bad credit, no credit, repo’s, bankruptcies, we don’t really vehiclee. We want you to be back on your feet and behind the wheel again without the hassle you’ll get at other places.

Contact our great team at 299cars today and get some on-the-road freedom back in your life!

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